Perseverance to Bear Island

The pinky schooner Perseverance was the first boat made by renowned craftsman Lance Lee's "Apprenticeshop" in Rockland, Maine. My old buddy and woodworker extraordinaire Scott Peterson is friends with Lance, and a small crew including Scott, myself, Heather and Byron Marshall were treated in July, 2013 to a sail on Perseverance as well as some sailing wisdom from the man himself.

I learned on this excursion that Penobscot Bay is a beautiful one, and voyaging sailboats are one of my favorite sites for taking photographs. Furthermore, I was treated by our friends Sean O'Brien and Maisie Broome – who were care-taking for Bear Island that summer – to an introduction to the fascinating world of geodesic domes and the philosophies of Buckminster Fuller, who spent a fair portion of his youth on the island. So yeah, it was a pretty good weekend.

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