MCC Art & Science

On November 5, 2015 at Oxbow Blending & Bottling in Portland, Maine the Maine Center for Creativity culminated the last of the year's Creative Toolbox series with The Art + Science of Brewing, a look at the intersection of art and science in craft beer. The evening began with Dr. Luci Benedict, Associate Professor of Chemistry at University of Southern Maine, providing a look at the science of fermentation. Next, Rob Tod, founder of Allagash Brewing Company facilitated a conversation with a group of Maine brewers – Tim Adams, Oxbow Brewing Company; Nathan Sanborn, Rising Tide Brewing Company; Dustin Johnson, Gneiss Brewing Company; and Ian McConnell, Banded Horn Brewing Co. – on the fusing of creativity into fermentation and beyond. Each brought to the table their own unique perspective, providing participants with a diverse look at the manifold levels on which creativity plays a prominent role in the business of beer.

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